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What do ppl think?

So an old friend of mine who I dont talk to anymore announced a few weeks ago on FB that she was KU. Her BF makes money tattoing drug dealers, has been in prision for selling drugs and has a 13 yr old daughter that she is jealous of and he wont/cant take care of and he cheats on her regulalry. The thing is they were trying for this baby. I don't know it just seems that with planning on bringing another person into the world there should be a lot more thought and well PLANNING!. Well found out through a friend last night that at 5 months pregnant he has left her for a 22yr old, and refuses to move out. Before I would have been angry that ppl like this can get pregnant so easily. But now I am happy that when I do have a child it's going to be in a healty, loving enviroment. I feel so bad for this LO.

Re: What do ppl think?

  • Yeah.  It must be a difficult situation. :/
  • Defriend!  And yeah, that kid is going to have a tough go of it, for sure.
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  • These situations make me so sad for the kids.

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  • And the kids that come out of these situation are our future. Scary!
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