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I am a newbie poster but a lurker for years Embarrassed. Anyway I had my first HSG last Monday.  It showed my left tube was clear but my right had a very large Hydrosalpinx.  My RE is the one who performed the HSG but he referred me back to my regular gynecologist in hopes that insurance will cover my Salpingectomy if my GYN performs the surgery.  When I went in for my surgical consultation yesterday with my regular gyn, he pretty much made it sound like I was going to have a bilateral salpingectomy. He said that even though my HSG showed my left was clear, in most cases if one tube is damaged the other one is as well. He said that I would have to sign a consent form stating that he could take both tubes if need be (since he obviously can't wake me up during surgery to ask for consent). He said that he would flush dye through the good one to make sure it was working properly.  I guess my biggest question is, have any of you ever had a clear HSG but then have to have a salpingectomy on a seamingly good tube once they got in there and had a better look?

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Re: Salpingectomy

  • I"m sorry, I'm not much help.  I will say I don't think I'd sign such a consent though.  I would want to re-evaluate my options and get a second opinion before having a doc remove my tubes.  I would be willing to put myself through another surgery if it meant possible sparing a tube.

    Good luck!!  I really hope everything is ok.

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