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Oh DH you silly man...

DH got home from storm duty lastnight, and decided to take today off, so he kept L home with him.  I went home for lunch to see them, and this was our conversation...

Me:  How did it go feeding him his fruits and veggies? 

DH:  umm ok...

Me:  ok?

DH:  well when we got done he screamed, and wouldn't stop.  I tried everything!  Paci, bouncy seat, playing on the floor..

Me:  So how did you calm him down?

DH: well I thought maybe he was still hungry so I gave him 4 more oz, but then he started screaming again so I gave him 4 more oz.

Indifferent  I love him, but he gave L 8 oz of food, and then another 8oz of formula.  All in a matter of 30 minutes.  LOL!  At least he calmed down and stopped crying.

Re: Oh DH you silly man...

  • Hope he dosen't have a belly ache!  

    when Evan was really little (like 3 weeks old) I had to go somewhere, so gave DH a bottle of BM to feed to him while I was gone. Well DH fed it to him, then he was still crying, so he defrosted another bottle and fed him that too... then decided it was a good idea to put him in the swing after. Yeah full belly + swinging = lots of spit up/puke! And wasted precious, pumped milk!

  • I know right?  He's teething so i'm sure he just didn't know what to do with all the fussiness.
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