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So my FIL got laid off recently, but he was going to retire in a couple years. It was a total shock, but after it set in they decided it was a good thing - early retirement! They are fine financially, and have COBRA coverage for the next 15 months.

Today MIL asks me if I can review FIL's resume, because he's going to file for unemployment. I was surprised, asked her if he has changed his mind and is now going to look for work. She said no, that they are just going to go through the motions to collect unemployment. Proceeds to tell me that all he has to do is make a couple of contacts a week, apply for jobs he's not qualified for so he won't get anything so they can just collect the unemployement $. So then I say maybe he will find something good anyways and she said if he did get a job offer he will just find a reason not to take it. So they are just working the system.

Am I just a total goody-goody or is this taking advantage of the system? I didn't know what to say, just pisses me off. Am I totally off here?

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Re: NGPR IL vent

  • I dont blame you, I would be irritated too.

    There are people who really need the Unemployment because they are henstly looking for work and trying to get a job, while others take advantage, I actually have a personal experience with this, my BIL is currently doing the same thing and just applying for the required 2-3 jobs a week, but he applies for stuff he knows he wont get just so he can say he tried and collect another check for the week.

    Here in AZ where I live today in fact, D.E.S. cut benefits for thousands of people because they are running out of money, they hope they can come up with some money to extend benefit coverage to people who need it. all the while some people continue to take advantage of the system. :(

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  • The company I worked for while pregnant with DD closed when I was 7 months along... long story short, if you read the paperwork you have to be qualified for the jobs you apply for.  (at least that is how it is in VA) 

    It sucks that people do this, I never drew a check because I was put on bedrest soon after and was unable to work and refused to lie to get a check.

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  • I am just fuming over here. I know it's not really my business, but would you say something? I don't want to help with the resume now.
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  • Ummm yeah, seems kinda sketchy to me too. I hate when people abuse the system. It makes me mad, b/c as a hard worker myself, I don't want my tax dollars to go to people who don't need it, or don't deserve it!

    I hope they get some sense knocked into them!

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  • I would tell her that abusing government aids is illegal and while you arent going to tell them how they should live, you dont feel comfortable attributing to an illegal action.

    That or Id just say ok, and then tell them it looked fine. Or tell them  ok then hope the forget and never do it.

    OR if you want to be really snarky, ask them why they need the resume to look good, you wouldnt want to actually impress a potential employer and POSSIBLY just get another job since they obviously need a little extra cash per week! 

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  • Wow, just wow. Seriously? I would be pissed too and sure as hell wouldn't do anything to help them along in this process.


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  • Sadly, this happens all the time.
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  • Are you sure they are financially set?

    Being unemployed and at retirement age is super scary. Losing your income before you intended has repercussions- even if you think you're ready for it. You said his COBRA coverage is taken care of but if he has a major medical problem he's still going to owe a ton of $.

    Do I think it's taking advantage of the system by collecting and not really looking for a job? Yes.

    I've been looking for a job for a year. I send out 25 resumes a week on average (it used to be closer to 50 but there are less jobs now) and I haven't heard anything back. I am extremely qualified for the field I'm looking in. In a lot of instances, I'm over qualified.

    Even if he were earnestly looking for work, he may not find it.

    You may not have all the facts of the situation- most people don't share the intimate details of their financial situation with their spouses, let alone their children.

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