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I originally posted this under your post "I moved my blog" but I didnt think youd go back and read it so I posted here because I want you to know just how much you have blessed this stranger:

 As a lurker from the TTGP board after hearing of all the commotion over here, I just wanted to say 1. some people are plain evil. 2. my heart breaks for your loss and I will keep you in my prayers daily that God will send you peace that passes all understanding, because this is way beyond understanding. I will also pray that you and your DH's hearts will be mended and that God sends your precious angle a sister or brother when/if you are ready so she can watch over it. I cant even imagine what pain you face everyday, but your ability to talk about this hard situation and deal with it is absolutely amazing and shows just how courageous and strong you truly are. You will forever remain in my thoughts as the perfect roll model and amazing mother. God bless you, you have blessed my heart. Thank you for keeping you blog open, your words are something I dont think I will ever forget.

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