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sorry, just saw your page from earlier. :)

I was never really given a reason why my temps are low. I have asked before and dr.'s didn't think it was a big deal, since I am still o'ing. I guess some have high and some have low. 

MY FOUR ANGELS... M/C 12/26/02 AT 4 WEEKS M/C 12/31/07 AT 12 WEEKS, D & C M/C 12/5/08 AT 9 WEEKS, D & C ***BFP ON 3/26/09*** MARY REYNA BORN AND PASSED AWAY JULY 31ST, 2009 AT 23 WEEKS. GOODBYE SWEET BABY...I WILL MISS YOU FOREVER. ***AFTER 17 WEEKS ON BEDREST*** Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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