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Are you effin kidding me?!!!???

I didn't feel well this morning and needed to sleep just a little bit longer. I did the unthinkable. I put some cheerios in a cup, grabbed Tarynn, layed on the couch a wait for it.....put on Yo Gabba Gabba for the first time. I dozed off and woke up to her whining and shaking the remote. She sat threw an entire episode. I was so thankful for the sleep I started another one. I had DVRd some in case of emergency.

Fast forward to 9:17 this evening. She woke up and I brought her into the living room with me, sat her on my lap, gave her some snuggles, hoping she would go back to sleep. She kept whining and pointing and I kept asking what she wanted. I finally figured out she was pointing at the TV. She wanted Yo Gabba Gabba. She has now taken over the TV happy as a clam fast forwarding past the parts she doesn't like. I don't know how she figured out to use the remote so quickly.

So ya thanks Yo Gabba Gabba you have created a monster.

Re: Are you effin kidding me?!!!???

  • OMG LMAO seriously! I had to read this to my DH! Welcome to HELL!!!!
  • Welcome to my world, DD watches an episode of YGG every day!  I  don't really mind though as I actually like YGG...any kid show that has the Roots as guest musicians is A-OK in my book.

    The Wiggles are another story.  Can. Not. Stand. The Wiggles.

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  • yeah, E fast forwards through the non-muppets parts of sesame street... all the while saying... wheeeeeres Elmo? wheeeeeeres Elmo??



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  • that is too funny!!!
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