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Screaming in Pain...

So tonight for the first time my LO was screaming in pain, I was nearly in tears and panic. Nothing would sooth him, he did not want to suck on his pacifier, he would start to eat his bottle and then would stop to scream and cry, I burped him and that didn't help, he had a clean diaper. So we thought must be gas, we loosened his diaper and took off his pants so there was no tightness around his mid section and I bicycled his legs. Eventually he calmed down from this and finished his bottle and fell asleep. This has never happened before and it scared me. We recently switched his formula from Similac Advanced to Similac Sensitive. After a bout with diarrhea last week they suggested we do a temporary switch to the sensitive and we noticed that he was passing a lot less gas and pooping 2x a day with it so we decided to stick with it as his new formula, they told us it would take a couple days to adjust to his system. 

I guess my question is do you think the gas pain he had is from this formula even though it says its for baby's with gas and fussiness? And if your LO has a gas pain are they inconsolable and screaming (like their worst cry ever) in serious pain??? Thanks! 

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  • I'm sorry you had to go through that.  I guess it could come from switching formulas but I don't know that for sure.  But when my DD has her gas pains, she seems to scream like that, too.  But I don't know if her screaming is from her gas pain or from reflux.  But she has done that before and I know how horrible that is...especially when you try everything.  Check with your pedi to see if switching could cause that...
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  • Sounds like gas to me too.  My daughter got the worst around two months with gas and we had to give her mylicon drops after every bottle for a little while.  He probably got used to the new now the gas returned.  The sensitive should help but it probably isn't a miracle cure.  My dr. said that usually changing formulas doesn't help...and to just do the mylicon drops and I never changed.  Call his pedi and talk to them about what they think you should do...they might have some ideas for you regarding formula, etc..  It is horrible when they are like that.  I am glad you were able to comfort him though. 
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