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8 days PP from my C section

Still feeling like crap, trying to wean myself off the pain pills. I have had to exclusively pump because he down't latch well at ALL...

I love my little man so much and it's all worth it, but I just wanna cry sometimes I get so frustrated with my body.

Thanks goodness for my amazing hubby who helps so much!

Thanks for listening!

Re: 8 days PP from my C section

  • Just take your time.  Don't put any pressure on yourself.  It takes a couple of weeks to even start feeling remotely yourself again.  Glad you have a supportive husband...try to get some rest :)
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  • I'm with you. I don't have latching issues, but I feel where you're coming from. Here's hoping we both feel better soon!
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  • Those first couple weeks of rough. You are recovering from major surgery and trying to care for a NB. I remember that by about 2 weeks after my c section, I was feeling pretty good and off pain meds. Pumping is a pain, but that's great that you are still able to give your LO BM. Just take it easy on yourself and be grateful for having such a wonderful DH.
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  • Take it slow with the pain meds, I used them for 2 weeks before I cut back to just ibuprofen. I didn't even feel human until 2 weeks out. By 6 weeks out you will be able to do most/all of what you did before. At 8 weeks I felt 100%. Don't think about your body, give it time to repair. The skin will get tighter but it takes a while, don't be too hard on yourself- you just did something amazing!

    You chose a great guy! What would we do without them?

    PS: Kudos on the pumping! Every drop of that liquid gold is worth it, IMO!

  • Hi Jenn, I am sorry you are feeling bad.  At 8 days PP I still was on pain meds too and I was dealing with a lot of crazy emotions.

    I am here if you need to chat.  Call me anytime.

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  • It will be 21 days for me tomorrow, and I still have moments where I feel like hell. 

    I sitll have the headache from my spinal and epidaural attempts and seriously that was  20 days ago. 

    If you need the pain meds, take them.  

    Have you talked to a lactation consultant?  This is my 3rd EBF baby and I still had to talk to one about a painful latch issue on one side. She helped so much even just on the phone. 

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  • thanks ladies I really appreciate the kind words and support.

    Oh and Rach... yes we need to get together soon!

  • I thought this was for 8 *weeks* PP ... don't beat yourself up so much. you had major surgery!! I didnt start feeling better till like 3 weeks after - and that's bc I really listened to what everyone said and took it super easy those first couple weeks. Hang in there; it will get a lot better.
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  • I was on percocet for `2 weeks ( got off due to the concrete poops!), and was on ibuprofen for a month (only had a weeks worth of the 800mg, then took 400mg).  Now I take an occasional 200mg of ibuprofen.  Just this week my abs finally are not sore anymore.  It takes time, so don't rush yourself! 
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