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i thought dream feeding was a myth...

until LO started doing it 2 nights ago. we started a bedtime routine that goes like this( sort of)
8pm  bath/changing into jammies
daddy reads a book or sings a song
swaddle (which he hated until now, he need his arms by his head...lol)
paci if he needs it
in crib

when he woke up after been in crib (usually 30min - 1 hour) we move him into our bed for the night

at some point between 1-2:30 am he would wake up to feed, but for the last 2 nights he just nuzzles me and he starts feeding while asleep!
then he has slept for no more than 5 hours max (till about 4-5am) and does it again. then he is up around 7-8 am eats, babbles with us in bed for awhile then sleep till 9-10 and he is up for the day.
is this an ok schedule?

BFP #1 May 2000 ~ Darren was born Jan 13, 2001 ~ 6lbs 2oz 191/2" ~ 39 wks due to low fluid, otherwise perfect pregnancy
July 2004 abnormal pap, colposcopy and LEEP procedure ~ paps every 3 months all normal for 1 year
2006 all clear to start TTC
HSG Nov 2007 ~ all normal except mild left tube blockage
BFP #2 Dec 2007 EDD sept 3 ~ missed m/c ~ Feb 14 2008 ~ 9wk 2d D&C
BFP #3 Apr 2008 EDD Dec 10 ~ ectopic ~ May 2008 ~ 5wk 2d ~ emergency lap surgery, lost left tube
BFP #4 Jul 2008 EDD May 5 ~ missed m/c ~ Aug 2008 ~ 5wk 2d D&C - trisomy 16
RPL panel Aug 2008 ~ diagnosed with compound hetero MTHFR
BFP #5 Nov 2008 EDD Jul 31 ~ blighted Ovum ~ Dec 2008 ~ 4wk 3d ~ natural m/c at home for my birthday
BFP #6 Feb 2009 EDD Oct 15 ~ 4wk 3d ~ chemical pregnancy ~ Mar 2008
BFP #7 May 18 2009 ~ Gabriel Michael ~ Jan 19, 2010 ~ 7lbs 2oz 21"
TTC again since Jan 2011
BFP #8 Jun 2011 EDD Jan 20 ~ 5wk 6d ~ missed m/c ~ D&C
July - Hysterscopy removed some polyps, all clear for IUI with clomid
Aug-Oct - IUI - with Clomid all BFN
Nov-Jan - IUI - with femara and trigger = BFN
back to TTC naturally on our own hoping for another miracle.
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Re: i thought dream feeding was a myth...

  • I can't believe your LO has such an awesome sleeping pattern already.  Yes, it could change at any moment, but at that age, Delilah was still in the 'Hey, it's 3am...let's party!' mode.  LOL.  She STILL has more wakeups than that per night.

    I say you're doing very well ;)


  • That's actually about how Ari slept until he was about 3 months old. He'd wake up once around 2-3 & then not again until 7ish. 

    Ahh, those were the days... 


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