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would you fly with a 2 month old?

H's grandma passed away and the funeral is in Nebraska this week. We're on the east coast. For some reason, I'm all freaked out now at the thought of travelling with Mally--both navigating all the flight stuff and being away from home and our routine for 4 days. (Not to mention spending those 4 days constantly on the go and around a zillion people.)

Am I just being a paranoid first-time mom? What would you do?

(I told H that I would want our own rental car and to stay in a hotel--not at a relative's house--if I go.)

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Re: would you fly with a 2 month old?

  • Sorry to hear about DH's grandma. Death is a suck asss reason to have to fly but you do what you have to do. We did it with Ada when she was 3 weeks old (my mom was dying), 14 weeks old (my mom died), and 6 months (professional meeting).

    Bring more than you think you need on the plane but don't worry - there are BRU's everywhere once you get there!  We were freakishly diligent about the hand sanitizer. Also, wear that baby in the airport - especially when confronted by layers of Moby people are mystified and more importantly, scared!

    Once there it is really helpful to have your own space. We frequently would steal away to let Ada rest. It was a nice way to take an often much needed break from family. 

    You'll be OK - just let your worry work for you. 

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  • We flew to Altanta for a wedding when F was 8 weeks old. It really isn't as bad as you think. The plane lulls them to sleep and it isn't too tough to stick to their routine once you are there. Make sure you have tons of wipes and sanitizer and know that you can buy whatever you need if you forget it! 
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  • sorry for your loss.

    we went to Spain when DS was 3 months old (8 hour flight).  it was the easiest travel with him ... it actually gets harder when they have a schedule, want to move around, and have opinions.



  • I am so sorry for your loss, I would check with my pedi and if he said it was ok, I would go for it. I would ask about LO's ears and maybe what I could do to prevent hearing issues. GL
  • So sorry about your H's grandma.

    I would have traveled with M at 2 months if we had to, but I would have dreaded it.

  • I flew with my DD at 6 weeks.  As long as your Pedi agrees (updated on all the shots, to include the flu shots) you should be fine.

    Having your own car and own space is a plus.

    As for the travel itself - TSA is really good (now that is) about the traveling baby process.  Just have your bottles ready to be tested and you should be ok.

    BTW - I flew by myself and had no problems going through security.  You will have your DH.  Even better.  

  • Sorry for your loss.  We are going on trip this weekend to New Orleans for fun and DS will be 8wks.  I've traveled with new babies and toddlers by plane and flying with a little one is sooo much easier.  There is a lot of gear to bring but otherwise is not a big deal.

  • Absolutely!  She wont even know the difference and it will be just a little more work for you.  But you really shouldnt miss theeral bc you are scared.  Its good practice and will give you more confidence when you go out more.

  • We've flown with DD a bunch of times.  The first time she was 3 months old, and I was by myself (I think it was a 3 hour flight).  It was fine.  She slept for most of the flight. 

    I would go for your H's sake.  We flew to my grandmother's funeral when DD was 4 months old, stayed in a hotel, attended the events that we felt up to.  People were understanding, and I think having DD there really helped lift my dad's spirits.

    Honestly, I think they're pretty easy to travel with when they're so little.  They sleep a lot, and they're really portable :)  

  • Sorry about your loss.  As far as travel, I remember my pedi telling me not to fly until my DD's had their 1st round of vaccinations.  I traveled with my older DD  when she was 4 months and with my younger DD when she was 2 or 2 1/2 months and she was fine.  Traveling is really not that hard with the baby.  I have found people to be so helpful when you have kids with you.  You can gate check the stroller and infant seat (unless you have a seat for baby, than use the infant seat and check the stroller.  Or - you can carry the baby in a sling or whatever you have and check the stroller/car seat.  When you do that, just make sure that they know what you are checking as they don't charge this stuff towards your luggage total.  Make sure you have enough formula (if not nursing) and diapers for double the time of your expected travel in case of delays and bring extra clothes for you and the baby.  My younger DD once spit up on me bad and I was wet for hours since I didn't have an extra shirt.  Give yourself some extra time and I agree with staying in a hotel if you are concerned about being in someone elses house.  While at the event, if you are concerned about baby getting sick, just make sure you have hand santizer with you that you can ask people to use before holding the baby or keep her in the stroller or sling and don't let people hold her.  When I traveled with my girls, it was to my home town for their baby namings and there were tons of people and I knew people would want to hold the girls and I was fine as long as hands were clean and no colds or anything like that.  My kids both ended up falling asleep on me or in the infant seat for most of the events so it worked out great.  Good luck.
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