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When DH dresses DS...PIP

DH got the little one ready for bed tonight...love the combo


Re: When DH dresses DS...PIP

  • This made my DH LOL!! He said "babe, I'm not even that bad..." 

    And we have that little sleepy sack, too! (2 sets, actually) 

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    Making It Work.


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  • Too cute... when DH dresses LO he asks me "what I am suppose to put on her"... mines clueless.. LOL
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  • Showed this to my DH and he says "what's the problem?" lmao!
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  • This is the hardest I have laughed all week!! Thank you!!
  • Your DH just wanted to make sure he was warm ;) My baby has on that same man dress right now :)
  • too funny! our LO has that sleep gown, too. love it.
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  • haha. well that is more clothes than dh puts on maddie. we are lucky to get a onesie. haha.
  • J has that sack set too :)  He is wearing the pawprint "doggone cute" one right now.

  • At least he's warm!

    My LO is 8 mo old and DH still can't dress her. I try to always put out clothes for him. If I am not home, he always seems to put her some old, ill fitting onesie and nothing else. Umm, honey, its winter the child needs pants and socks, yes, even in the house.

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