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Sleep books?

I have NCSS---I have been following it but we're still having a lot of trouble.  What else do you AP mommies read that has helped?

Re: Sleep books?

  • I know it isn't considered ap but I read Solving Your Childs Sleep Problems by Ferber and it had great insight to how sleep works in babies/children.  The cio part is literally two pages long and there are a ton of other helpful ideas.  I know some other moms got it and read it too so I hope they chime in with whether it helped some or not.  It was very informative and helpful.
  • I came here for the same reason!  Baby O slept great 'til about 8 months!  Now we're up every couple of hours, all night long.  :-(

    A Nurse Practitioner I know recommended the Sleep Lady book, so I got it from the library.  I think it's awful.  Seems like another twist on CIO to me.  Ugh.


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