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Question about potty training and pullups

Question about potty training and pull-us

So my son is 21months and showing signs I guess on willingness to be open to being potty trained.  My doctor said however to wait till he is two, why is that?  Also someone on here metion that diapers or pullups hinder the training process.  Do I put some underwear on him so when he has an accident he'll know why going to the potty is a necessary thing?  I'm in no rush I was just wondering.  Also I just skipped the floor potty thing and went straight to the toliet cover thing.  I will have a week off starting at Good Friday should I wait till then to really start training?  I'm lost
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Re: Question about potty training and pullups

  • I started potty training my daughter when she was 15 months.  She had it down by 18 months, but I wasn't consistent enough (I had another baby by then.)  By 2 she was completely trained.  I'm going to start my son in April when he'll be 19 months.  I use Pull Ups at night, but that's it.  It does hinder them because it absorbs and they aren't feeling the wetness.  It's a pain t have wet underwear all the time, but Pull Ups didn't work for my daughter.  And I use a toilet cover potty seat too.  I had the other one but it's gross to clean out, so we just use the one that goes on the toilet.  If you think he's ready then try.  You are the one that will have to work the most at it.  We set a timer for every 30 minutes to remind me that she needs to go.  And as gross as it is, you have to take them when you're out in public too.  Kids can't hold it just because they aren't at home.  Consistency is the key.
  • Thank you I guess I'm gonna buy some undies for him and really start on my week off (with no expectations)  Sad thing is when I was pg I was walking around the stores looking at baby clothes and now I find myself looking at the the cute boy undies wanting to buy them but thinking it was too soon.  Sad I know Embarrassed
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  • We did potty training for my daughter at 2 1/2 last August. I tried at the beginning of the summer, but I was forcing it. By the end of the summer, she was asking for it, and I think that was key. We did a 3-day "Boot Camp," where we stayed home and focused on training. I set a timer for every 30 minutes, and told her that was the potty timer. No pull-ups, except for at night, so undies only.  She was pee-trained at the end of the 3 days, except she didn't poop. She actually held her poop for about 10 days, and then finally went to the bathroom. You will have to remind him a lot, even if it's not every 30 minutes. Oh!!!! M&M's!!! We gave DD 2 M&M's for every successful pee and 4 M&M's for each poo in the toilet. We're doing the same thing now for dry pajamas in the morning (we stopped pull-ups around the new year).  Good luck!
  • I started training DD at 2 and she wasn't quite ready, I waited a few more months and she was asking to go.  We skipped the pull-ups, I did use them a week or two at night but she wasn't having any accidents so I never bought anymore after we used the ones we had.  I did use the pull-ups with DS and I could tell a difference in the length of time it took to trained them. 

    The best thing I did was stay home with her for the first few days that we were potty training so that we could focus soley on that.  We also just have one of the toilet toppers, DD refused to use the floor potty chair

  • My daughter was potty trained at 20 months.  She was taking her diaper off and new she was going, so we decided it was time.  I don't understand why your dr wants you to wait?  I would do what's right for your child.  We tried pull-ups for 3 days and she was having 1 accident a day, so we just switched to underwear.  She is successfully potty trained and has only had 2 accidents in the last 3 months.  We were just going to do the toilet insert, but found that it was easier for her to go on the little potty.  She can sit down herself.  I also ready somewhere that their feet should touch the ground so their bladder can fully empty.

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