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I sent you a PM last night, but there is really no need to "talk" about this via PM.  This is what I sent you regarding gdiapers...

I really want to try the cloth inserts and I am glad you like them.  Do you use any of those liners for poop (not the gdiaper flushable liner, but those thin liners for cloth diapers) or no?  If no, how horrible is it to clean them?  lol

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Re: MrsKelly...

  • Hi! Sorry, I was reading on 12-24 so I just saw this and was actually just getting ready to reply to your PM. Perfect timing. :)

    We do use the flushable liners that go over the cloth during his morning nap and at night (which are pretty much the only time that he ever poops). They work GREAT. No poop will actually get on the cloth liner at all (well, usually) with these so you can simply plop it into the toilet and flush everything.
    We use these- 

    We use the gCloth inserts but I've read about other people using different types of CD inserts that work well too. Since we were starting from scratch and didn't already have a CD stash I just bought the gCloth. We also have some Bum Genius AIO diapers and I like the gDiapers much, much, much more. They are SO quick to use- much faster than stuffing the AIO diapers.

    Here is a blog post I made about gDiapers right when we started using them. 
    I need to amend a few things in this post now that we have used them for a few months, but my only regret is not starting them easier.

    If you decide to switch let me know if you have any questions about what you need to get started or about gDiapers in general!

  • Thank you so much for the reply!  I loved gdiapers but MH was not so keen on them.  He is the one that did the flush that led to a massive clog (he was in a hurry, and we had doubled them up so he had two to flush) which left us scared to continue flushing them (but I really think he either tried to flush them both at once or didn't completely separate them b/c I never had any issues flushing them).  

    I think I'm going to give the cloth inserts a try.  I'll let you know how it goes and if I think of any other questions.  I'm glad those liners work.  This pasty formula poo is so nasty. 

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  • ::sigh::  And I really must have a little girl someday so she can wear the ruffle butt diaper.
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  • If I ever have a girl the first thing I buy will be the ruffle diaper. SO CUTE! :)

    I've never used a gDiaper dispoable insert so I don't know how well they normally flush, but I can understand your husband's hesitancy. The ones I linked work with any CD and are super thin. It's basically like flushing toilet paper so there is absolutley no concern for a clog from those.

    There's also a great gDiapers Yahoo group that has some great information. I really liked their information in the "database" when I first started shopping for the diapers.

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