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Self-flaming vent

I'm one of the lucky ones that has a LO that STTN.  She used to go down at 8pm and fall asleep on her own shortly thereafter.  Lately she's up a little bit later, til 9pm or so.  This next week is my last week home before going back to work, which I'm dreading, and so up until tonight, every time LO wasn't ready to sleep, I enjoyed the opportunity to spend more time with her. 

 Tonight, though, for some reason, when DD cried in her crib, I got really frustrated.  I took her out and nursed her a bit, and tried again, but she still ended up crying anyway.  She's now asleep in her swing, but I feel terrible because I wasn't soothing or nurturing- I was frustrated and angry and let it show.  It's not like I've been alone with her all day- DH has been home and took care of her just as much as I did.  I feel like such a bad person and horrible mother.  

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  • You're human, it's okay to feel frustrated sometimes. I just got done having a good cry because my DD wasn't nursing because of firehose nips (see below post) and I got really frustrated. Right now I'm taking a break while my DH rocks her. We all have those moments--you're still a great mommy!
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  • man if i had to post every time in the past 3 years as a parent that i was frustrated or angry and let it show i would be the goddess of bump status.  we are mothers, but we are also human! :)    if you need to swear, cry or lock yourself in a time out you do it.  just wait until your child is talking back or saying that wonderful word-NO to you!   then anger and frustration seem to be a daily accurance.   it happens-have some wine and know you are in the "mommy club" now!

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  • You are not a horrible mother! At least I hope you're not because that means I'm a horrible mother times 1000. Cut yourself some slack; you're allowed to be frustrating and impatient sometimes. Try to think about all of the millions of times that you have been patient and nurturing to remember that you're a great mom and will continue to be a great mom.
  • Thanks, ladies.  I still feel bad, but at least I'm not alone in not being Mary Sunshine 24/7!  I think I'm going to go have that glass of wine now.
  • Deep breath, mama.  It's totally normal.  I occasionally get frustrated with LO too - every mom does! 
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