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My pouch sling hurts my shoulder...could it be...

Because I'm not wearing it right?

It's the wrong size?

I have weak/bad shoulders?

I wondered if my sling was a bit too big. I wore it out today with LO for about half an hour while I ran some errands at the mall. I still think perhaps it's a little big.

My shoulder (the one taking the weight) started to ache. Is this a size issue?

I don't really want to pursue getting a smaller size if it's something I might not use much because it doesn't suit my body.


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Re: My pouch sling hurts my shoulder...could it be...

  • Could be the size.  Could also be the fact that one shoulder carries can be really uncomfortable after a while.  I think a good ring sling is more comfortable than a pouch but neither works for me for very long.
  • Ditto... I love the idea of my ring sling and have always loved wearing LO in it, but everytime, I end up getting bad shoulder pain too. Big bummer so I just use it more sparingly.
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  • With your LO being so young, I'm thinking it's sizing. Wear does your LO "hit" when you're wearing it? Like is his bum above or below your belly button?

    One shoulder carries do put more pressure on your shoulder, but you should be able to wear him for 1/2 hour w/ no problems. Ari is about 19-20 pounds & I can wear him in my ring sling for about 2 hours before it starts getting uncomfortable, & I have tons of back/shoulder/neck problems.  


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