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Zoolander's got NOTHING on my baby! [PIP]

Re: Zoolander's got NOTHING on my baby! [PIP]

  • OMG, LOL...LURVE that little face!! Love the hand too!!!  Too cute!

    My DD does the same little "poochie lip thing"....I call it her Oooooo face b/c she parts her lips a little like she is saying it!!...I love it!! 

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  • Afreakingdorable! I love the "O" face. :-)
    Neena Mae. 1/7/10
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  • hahaha, I always joke that my DD is practicing magnum
  • I love it!  Blue Steel!
    bishes be crazy
  • Absolutely precious! 
  • OMG! Eli does that too!! I love it. Its like he is trying to blow kisses or something. Absolutely adorable. One of these days I will have to capture it on camera.
  • I've got one too! :)



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