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Photography Ladies...??

My Canon Rebel was accidentally knocked off the countertop yesterday and the body is cracked near the flash, which obstructs it from opening.  Does any one know a good camera shop to take it to?  Or should I just call Canon for an estimate and send it off to them.

I am sick to my stomach over this and unfortunately its cracked into the main plastic piece surrounding the lens and not the top half for just the flash.  But, with the LO on the way we want to get it repaired soon.  


Re: Photography Ladies...??

  • In college I had an old Minolta 35mm worked on at Peace Camera:

  • I'm not sure if they do repair work, but DH really likes this store:

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  • I don't have any advice, but I wanted to tell you that I lent my camera out to my friend and she broke the LCD screen.  It was only $150 or so to fix it.  So it may not be that bad.
  • Thanks for the suggestions.  Luckily, the crack isn't as bad as we thought.  DH was able to "pop out" the small crack and the flash no longer gets caught.  The cracks are barely noticeable, and if anything we'll need to have the flash replaced which is a small seperate piece. 

    I think we'll take it anyways to see what they say and see if we can get the smaller piece replaced.

  • imagealm0407:

    I'm not sure if they do repair work, but DH really likes this store:

    DH is a photographer and recs this store for repairs. If it was something covered under warranty, he'd ship it to the manufacturer. GL!

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