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Layla Grace update

in her blog it's heart wrenching to read just a warning.  I am bawling! Please pray for God to give this child peace and comfort. and


Re: Layla Grace update

  • Ohhhh goodness.  I check in with twitter a couple times a day just PRAYING that some sort of miracle will occur.  It's not looking like that will happen, and it breaks my heart.  And to hear first hand just how hard it is to be in their sitation is just devistaing.

  • I have been checking a few times a day.  I think about her all day long.  I pray for her and ask God for peace.  I read the blog and I just bawled. Its so sad and no one should have to go through this.  
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  • CMM05CMM05 member

    I check Twitter several times a day.....I hold my breath every time I check :(

    This story is so incredibly sad and unfair.

    I'm SO angry that she is suffering like this. Yesterday's blog post was just too much to read.

    I hope that she is comforted very soon :(

    I can't even imagine.......

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  • At this point, I just pray that God takes her so she can rest in peace. It just sounds like she is in extreme pain & discomfort.

    It hits way too close to home for me, as FIL went through some of the very same details (regarding the body shutting down) in January.

    I have so much respect for people who work in hospice. I can't imagine working in such a sad environment on a regular basis, especially when the person dying is actually a child.

  • It's just so awful.  I read it before bed, big mistake.  My heart aches.
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