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Private Blog confession...

If your blog is private and I follow it, I don't actually read it that often.  I read the blogs that show up on my dashboard for blogger because it shows when there is a new post, but when they are private it doesn't.  And I forget which are private. :( 

Re: Private Blog confession...

  • oh oops, me neither. I didn't realize it blocked the feed to your dashboard. I just figured some people hadn't updated in a while. 
  • I do this too. I can't keep track of the private ones since they don't show up in my dashboard.

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  • If you take your blog private, I will never read it.  I don't ask for invites.  I don't read many blogs to begin with so it's no skin off my back if I don't see it.
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  • I had a few that I followed, but I'm like Wee, if they go private I never ask for an invite.

    I also never subscribed to any either, so if the link was taken out of the siggy I stopped reading.

    I just liked randomly reading some now and again, and I'm sad so many have disappeared.

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