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Anyone have any easy home remedies for getting rid of LO's hiccups?

Re: Hiccups

  • i'm gonna stalk this post because DD gets them sooooo often.
  • Gripe water works for us!
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  • An ounce of cool water helps. My DS won't drink cold water though. :( We also try gripe water. It's hard to tell if it helps, or if they are going away on their own.
  • Stalking this post too....DD gets them at least 1x a day...she doesn't seem to mind them and they just go away on their own...are you supposed to try to stop them? 

    Do your LOs get upset when they have them?

  • imagetbirt24:
    Gripe water works for us!

    YesYes AMAZING!!

    With in just a few drops they are GONE! 

  • Another gripe water Lover
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