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Today is my birthday and DS rejected me. :(

I know it's normal at this age, but today DS decided he would reject and be mean to me. From the minute he got up, he pushed, pinched, kicked, and said "no" whenever he was asked if he would sit with me, hug me, or even take a picture with me. We went to the aquarium and he clung to DH and I was left pushing the empty stroller. He keeps snuggling and hugging DH. He's not feeling well, so is crabbier than normal and not totally himself, but I can't help but feeling hurt today, of all days. I didn't even get a nice birthday pic of the two of us. DH is back at work tomorrow, so we'll see if he's still acting the same when it's just me. 
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Re: Today is my birthday and DS rejected me. :(

  • First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Zachary has those days too, when it's all about daddy and everything that has to do anything with me is a struggle.  It's disheartening, but I try my best not to let it get to me.  Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for you both! 

  • Happy Birthday. Hope he feels better soon.
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  • I'm sorry.  That would make me feel bad too. :(   Hope tomorrow is a better day, and happy birthday!
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  • I have been there and done that with DS #1 when he was 2 years old.  He has always been a daddy's boy from the start.  I used to get so hurt and would cry and be upset that he preferred daddy over mommy but then when I got pregnant with #2 I decided it's probably better that way when #2 comes I wouldn't have to deal with attachment or jealousy issues.  #2 came along and it helped that he wasn't a momma's boy, but he also started to change and it's like he grew out of that phase of pushing mommy away and being mean.  Now my DS#2 is a TOTAL momma's boy and I'm expecting #3's going to be a challenge.

    So don't worry...just know that he will probably grow out of it and he may just be a daddy's boy but he still loves you.

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