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If you have a crib mobile

What kind do you have? What crib do you have?

I bought a mobile the other day only to discover that it didn't fit on DD's crib. The space between the top and the screw on thingy (nice and technical, eh?) was not wide enough to go over the crib's super wide rail. This is the crib we have. Do you know of a mobile that will fit on this crib?


Re: If you have a crib mobile

  • We bought a Bright Starts mobile and had the same problem. But if you contact their customer service they will send you a new piece that makes it able to be used on the wider crib rails.



  • Thanks! Bright Starts is what we got too. But I already returned it. Cool that they'll send a new piece though
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  • I have the fisher price rainforest mobile. DD loves it, and so do I! We have the Graco Sarah crib and it fits perfectly.
  • We have a Bonavita crib and a Fisher Price mobile. It allows for a pretty wide crib rail.

    We originally had the mobile that matches DH's crib, but it didn't fit on the wide rails. In the end I'm glad that one didn't fit. I'm always wanting everything to match perfectly, but the matching one is boring! DS LOVES the precious plants mobile.

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