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How many of you have put LO in crib (in nursery) starting Day 1?

Everyone I know and all the books I've been reading say to either sleep with the baby or have the baby in the room with you for at least the first month.  I've wanted to start LO sleeping in her crib right away and not sure if that would in anyway hurt her in the long run?  Anyone have any input on this subject?  
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Re: How many of you have put LO in crib (in nursery) starting Day 1?

  • I started on Day 1 with LO in the crib in his nursery but had the volume on the baby monitor at the max.  With the crazy dreams I have about nursing him and then losing him in our bed, I know that if he slept in the same room I'd never know whether I was dreaming or actually nursing him.  At least getting up wakes me up a bit - if that makes any sense.
  • I totally assumed that I'd put LO in his crib from day 1.  That didn't happen. The first week, we slept on the sofa with him in a glider (sofa/half sitting up was more comfy for me after c-section) and for the past week plus, we sleep in bed with him in the glider or bassenett (which he doesn't really like) next to me. Especially if you're planning on breastfeeding, it's easier with them next to you
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  • I have had LO sleeping in his crib from the first night home.  We have the monitor on max volume and he is loving the crib. 
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  • I had a c-section so the first week or so I slept in the glider in LO's room and held him all night because it was hard to get up and out of bed and to lift him out of the crib. We never bought a bassinet so the crib was the only option and it worked fine because his room is literally like right across the hall from our bedroom so it's easy to hear him and go in there to nurse. He has done great in his crib and we haven't had to deal with the whole transition thing.
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  • We tried to have LO sleep in his crib from day one, but he hated it!  He would wake up within 10 minutes of us placing him in there and it ended up that we would just rock him all night long.  After 3-4 days of this, we brought up the pack and play and put it in our bedroom to see if that would help his sleep patterns, and it was amazing.  From my research, they say that a lot of babies like to be close to mom in something that is smaller.  I think for our little guy, the crib was just too big for right now...I'm just not looking forward to transitioning him back to the crib.
  • Our little man has been in the crib from Day 1 and he does great in it.  Lurk around here for a while and see some of the people who have a MISERABLE time switching LO to the crib once he/she is older and that for me is enough of a reason to start the crib from the beginning.

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  • dd has been in crib from day 1 with no problems.  I love early morning cuddle time with my kids, but everyone starts the night in their own rooms.
  • We started at the end of week 1 b/c I had family staying with us and they slept in the nursery. She did GREAT and has slept there every night since. We use a voice activated baby monitor. Her room isn't very far from ours, so feedings at night aren't bad. Like another mom said, mornings are great cuddle times!! She's so happy when she wakes up and is looking at her mobile waiting for mom to come get her! Yes
  • Lots of babies are happy in their cribs from day 1, but many aren't. I'd just try and keep an open mind.

    Also, our pediatrician recommends that babies sleep in their parents' room for the first few months to reduce the risk of SIDS. But, again, it's about whatever situation works best for you and your baby.


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  • My DD still hasn't slept in her crib at night yet. She takes naps during the day in it, but she's still in her bassinet in our room at night.

  • We had DS in the bassinet in our room for 2 nights, and I got pretty much zero sleep. Every noise he made woke me up. After that, we put him in his own room (right next to ours), and slept with the doors open. That way if he cried I could hear, but if he was just making noise, it wouldn't disturb me.

  • both of our kids went to the crib the very first day/night home.   our nursery and master bedroom are right next to eachother-25 feet or less from my side of the bed to the crib!    i sleep good and i think baby sleeps fine as well.   we are up to 4.5-5 hour stretches.   to feed i also-gasp-go to our livingroom and sit on the couch-so we walk all the way down the hall and don't use a fancy glider!   shame on me! ha      neither of my kids has any ill effects from being in the crib from day one.   and i don't use a monitor either.   won't hurt your child
  • I was dead set on putting her in the crib from day 1 that I didn't buy a bassinet.  The first night home I cried and could not sleep with her in the other room.  I totally didn't think I would be like that. 

    Also she did not sleep well in the crib.  We were up all night with her.  She would go to sleep and wake up 15 minutes later.  I ended up getting a bassinet on day 2 and we are both much happier.  I can roll over and check on her.  We are going to start with naps in the crib this week and then try transitioning her to the crib at 1 month.

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  • Yes, she's been in her crib since the night we brought her home.  The nursery is right next to our room - and if I wasn't so hot at night, we wouldn't even need the monitor - but I can't hear her crying over the noise of the fan I have to use!  I don't mind getting up - she's so close and I prefer to breastfeed sitting up in the glider than in bed anyways.

    We did this with DS too.

  • imagelittlemaybaby:

    Our little man has been in the crib from Day 1 and he does great in it.? Lurk around here for a while and see some of the people who have a MISERABLE time switching LO to the crib once he/she is older and that for me is enough of a reason to start the crib from the beginning.


  • I put my son in his crib in the nursery from day 1. It got him accustomed to his room and his crib. He is now 4 months old and will not sleep anywhere else. He also knows that the crib is where he goes to sleep so I can put him in there when he is sleepy but still awake and he will fall asleep on his own.

     I strongly suggest you start from day one, then there will be no need to transition.

  • Not quite day one, but day three or something. When we finally got her to sleep in her bassinet ( loaner from my SIL) she ended up peeing all over herself because the mattress was dented in at a weird angle from its last baby occupant! We put her in the crib that night and she's been there since. Her room is only about 2 steps from ours, so it's not really a big deal I don't think.
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