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What the heck is going on?

DD goes to bed at 8 PM and typically stays asleep until 2 or 3 AM.  After that feeding, she goes back to bed but becomes restless an hour later.  This continues every hour to hour and a half.  She isn't hungry and stops fussing/crying when I hold her.  We swaddle her in a kiddopotamus and, when I go in to check on her when she is fussing, she is stretching her legs way out and then bringing them up in the air and trying to move her arms.  I am wondering if the swaddle is bugging her.  A lot of times an arm will have escaped or something too.  But if we don't swaddle her, her reflex wakes her up.

Any suggestions or ideas?  Do we need a different swaddle solution?  Any tricks you have to keep your LO's comfortable and asleep after the first wake up?

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Re: What the heck is going on?

  • Sounds like it could be gas
  • Whoa, my son was doing this exact thing for a good three weeks. Then suddenly, last week, it stopped. I think it was a reaction to an earlier bedtime, since we started putting him down from 6 - 7pm. But, I put him down at 7:30 last night and started up again with the 1.5 hour wakings . . . we still swaddle him every night and use white noise. I was reading somewhere that the difference in setting can jar them awake; like if you put them to sleep in your arms and then put them down when they are in a deep sleep, they can wake up and realize they're in a different place and freak out. I tried putting DS down drowsy but awake for a while, but that didn't work so hot.
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  • DS does this as well...I do think it's gas or him working out his morning poop. I'm experimenting with giving him some gas drops at his middle of the night feeding.

  • The leg stretching makes it seem like it might be gas... My DD didn't like the kiddopatomus swaddlers. A receiving blanket works much better for her because I can make it tighter.
  • No help here, but I can relate. DS doesn't sleep well after his first wake, either. 
  • I agree, sounds like gas.  Colton's gas is vicious and I'm hoping doctor okays using mylicon drops with him.  Nothing else is working.
  • imagesmaher:
    I agree, sounds like gas.  Colton's gas is vicious and I'm hoping doctor okays using mylicon drops with him.  Nothing else is working.

    I can't see why a doctor wouldn't be okay with it. 

  • The first DS broke out of his swaddle by 3 months, but we were using the SwaddleMe.  This time we're using the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle, and it holds our second DS so much better.  I would highly recommend trying the Halo swaddle instead.  It's so much better designed, and it's what they use in the hospitals. 
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