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Carrier advice for a 3rd Tri mommy to be

i have been doing extensive research on carriers and have whittled my choices down to the moby, baby k'tan, and maya wrap ring sling. i understand that i will probably end up with different carriers for different needs, which is fine, but i was hoping for some feedback on what has worked for you all and why. are there any fantastic carriers i may have overlooked??


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Re: Carrier advice for a 3rd Tri mommy to be

  • I loved my Moby for the newborn stage. I so wish I had done some research earlier like you have-I didn't end up buying the moby until Sophie was over a month old and I really could have used it right in the beginning! I loved how "tight" it was and how snuggly she was right up against me. The Moby was great until she got to be around 15ish lbs. because at that point it kind of started to "sag" with her weight in it. Still, no complaints. We loved it!
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  • I use a moby at home and for longer errands (farmers market, Ikea, etc) and use a RS for shorter errands because it's so much easier to put on/off when I'm running in and out of places.  I also use the RS for restaurants because then she's more on one side vs the moby where she is centered.

    We've also bought an Ergo (more for DH) but haven't used it very much yet. I'm also thinking about getting a woven (works like a moby) for the warmer summer weather when the moby is going to be too hot for AZ. 

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  • I think the moby is great for the newborn stage.  The only thing you may want to consider is that it can get very hot in the moby.  If you have AC in the house, then it should probably be fine. 
  • I had a K'tan, which like the moby is good until around 15 pounds, although I use it for a hip carry now, sometimes.  It carries like a moby and is snuggly like a moby, but is dummy proof.  It is easy to put on and is a little less involved.  I liked being able to take it off and put it back on easily.  I wore dd in it all the time and she slept like a dream in it.
  • My son is a chunker and we still use the Moby around the house and out and about. If he is fussy we pull it out, he smiles, and he gets all excited to be in it and will generally go to sleep. I LOVE it. I will not sell it in case we have another baby or a friend of mine has a baby. We also bought an Ergo. I also love it. DS has shorter legs so he is iffy sometimes with DH when he wears him but he loves when I wear him. I take him for walks in it when it is nice and I get my workout. We are planning on using it for the summer when out hiking and out at the farmer's market in addition to our current uses of grocery shopping, walks, and just a way to hold him without killing our arms.

    It's good you are doing research but be open to trying different things out. Where we bought our Ergo, if we didn't like it or it didn't work out for us we could return it no problem. Definately try them out and see what will work best or buy different ones as your LO gets bigger and has different needs.

  • thanks everyone!
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