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any Tandem Nursing mamas??

DD is 2 years old and i nursed her throughout my pregnancy - DS is almost 2 weeks old and now i'm nursing them both - it's actually been a very positive experience so far and DD has been a godsend as far as saving me from 24 hour engorgement - but now she wants to nurse all.the.time.  to the point that she'd rather nurse than eat solid food - from what i understand, this is fairly common, but i'm wondering how long this phase will last - i've been setting limits and only letting her nurse for a few minutes or until i count to 10, but that doesn;t stop her from asking to nurse over and over again - this mama is EXHAUSTED!!

any suggestions or advice??

Re: any Tandem Nursing mamas??

  • No suggestions or advice, but your birth story is incredible! How crazy that you delivered in the CAR! Glad you're all ok.
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  • Hey no advice, sorry!  However, I think it is AWESOME that you are tandem nursing.  I was reading about tandem nursing in some of my BFing books and I think it is beautiful.  What an amazing experience for both of your LO's.  I am sad I will never get the experience....DS is in the process of weaning now and it will be years before we try again for another one.  You rock!!!

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  • I'm not tandem nursing now, but I'm expecting to be in another 7 months.  DD still nurses many times a day and I don't see her being ready to wean any time soon.  Congratulations on the new LO and nursing them both!  I'm so happy to hear it's going well for you.  As for her nursing all the time, do you have someone around that could try to keep her busy or distract her when she wants to go on a nursing binge?  Or would nursing DD laying down and napping give you some rest? 

    Do you have any tips or suggestions for a pregnant nursing mom? 

    I just went back and read your birth story.  That's the craziest best birth story ever!  :)

  • I'm not tandem nursing now but lkely will be in 5-6 weeks unless something drastically changes before then! Anyway ... I don't have any first hand advice but have heard the book adventures in tandem nursing is really good and like the site (I think that's it- I'm not on my regular comp but you can link there from Good luck and congrats!
  • I am planning on tandem nursing in a few months.  DD still nurses 3-4 times a day and I don't plan on weaning until she is ready.  I am looking forward to the experience, but I do wonder how I will juggle the adjustment period when DD wants to nurse every time her baby brother does.  Good luck and keep us posted on your experience.
  • Impressive mama! No advice here but I deff give you thumbs up. Keep up the good work. Loved your story also! I was listening when you talked to kidd!

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