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1st birthday gift?

DH and I cannot agree on anything... surprise surprise.  What did you get for your LO or what do they love?  I need some more ideas...  TIA! 
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Re: 1st birthday gift?

  • we didnt go too crazy either as we knew family and friends would be spoiling him. Honestly u could get a few small things and even wait on the bigger item till u decide or see what else she gets.
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  • I think for Ben's first we just got him the Little People Barn.  I don't even remember what we got him for his 2nd bday.  Or this year.... I'm a terrible parent.
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  • What about a wagon? That has been a item we've used a lot. Like Speed I can't remember. I know my parents got him his lifetime hunting and fishing license.
  • We're getting DS a wagon!  And we've begged the grandparents to contribute to his 529 instead of gifts - even this far out from Christmas the child needs nothing!
  • We're also looking ahead...so an easel/chalkboard, water table, sandbox, wagon, play kitchen...hmmm... Oh, a Bitty Baby (and accessories for the baby doll).  She doesn't 'need' anything now, we have a ton of toys, but I'm thinking ahead for the next year.  So I'm shopping now, and hope to find most of the stuff above (except the doll) at consignment sales in the next month or so.
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