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Ryan has RSV :(

i came home from detroit on friday night and ryan could barely keep his eyes open at the airport when they picked me up. i cuddled him and he was burning up. took his temp when we got home and it was 103.7! so, we called the dr and she told us to come in on saturday morning.

he woke up saturday with the same temp. he would just lay in my arms and sleep and moan. i felt so bad for the poor little guy. they did a chest xray and concluded it's rsv (at least it's not pneumonia!). he also has an ear infection, so he's on antibiodics.

he's definitely better today (no temp at all!) and hasn't had any breathing problems, thank god!! i have to go back to detroit tonight and i don't want to leave my sick munchkin. at least my mom is coming to town tonight and i'm sure she'll pamper him!

Re: Ryan has RSV :(

  • Poor little guy!  Hope he feels better soon!
  • Oh no. poor kiddo. :(
    I hope he's better soon.
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  • Poor thing & poor you! I hope your little guy feels better soon!
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  • That stinks. :(  I'm glad his breathing isn't affected.  Safe trip back for you!
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  • aww poor guy!
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  • Poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon.
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