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Finally talked to my friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer

Hers is stage 0 which is wonderful news.  The first report left out a couple of words (dictation error) that indicated the cancer had spread, but when they went back and looked it is contained (can you imagine?!  what a freaking error to make!).  She is getting the genetic testing done this week which will guide her decision about how extensive they will go with her surgery.  I didn't know this, but her mom was diagnosed in January and just began radiation treatment.  

She is keeping a sense of humor about it all.  She said this is what she gets for complaining that her former size C cup boobs shrank down to A's after nursing her two daughters.  She said she would never have done surgery for purely cosmetic reasons, so now she has the medical reason she needs for a boob job.

I feel so much better after talking to her. 

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Re: Finally talked to my friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer

  • That is great!

    I am always amazed at how strong women with breast cancer are.  I hope your friend recovers quickly!

  • That is great news! Well, the best news possible when you have cancer, at least. I'm so glad that they caught it early. Her chances of beating it will be great!
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  • that's wonderful they caught it so early and that she can make jokes about it. And I personally would want to strangle the person who made a transcription error that drastic. 
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