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darcy, jenny, or other MM ladies

For some reason I get the stupid error message any time I try to get on MM. It's been going on for over a week now, and I'm super annoyed. I wish I had time to just refresh and refresh until it loads, but I normally only have 5-10 minutes at a time on the computer... 

so, any updates on anything? Did kimi's ultrasound go okay? I've been worried about her.  

Re: darcy, jenny, or other MM ladies

  • I've gotten that a few times too -- try opening the main Nest talk page (here) and clicking MM.  I've found that works when my MM bookmark won't.

    I can't remember any major updates.  I'm trying to remember details -- Kimi's doing well.  I think she had her ultrasound, but they couldn't see what they needed to (here's a link).  She got her nanny situation worked out (her nanny was going to be quitting while she was on maternity leave and she was trying to decide if she should hire another one right away or not). 

    Gia's having a boy.  SarahLindsey's having a girl, but that was a while ago so you probably saw that.  Anka hasn't found out yet if #3 is a boy or a girl -- but her husband nearly cut his finger off on a table saw last weekend, but seems to be okay now (scary).

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker Apparently the doll needed a time out... image
  • it let me view the post you linked to, but when I click the MM link on the top it still gives me the error message! Bah! I'll try getting in from the nest home page. 
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