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Offer - $5 rebate check for buying/renting a breastpump

I am doing a lot of cleaning and orangizing this weekend, and I came across a rebate offer from Enfamil for $5 for buying or renting a breastpump. I can't use it 'cause I am borrowing boss's wife's one and then the other one I have is from a church consignment sale so I have no original receipt. This requires that you send in an original receipt or rental agreement and Enfamil will send you a $5 rebate check. Normally I'd put this on my local freecycle group but I haven't had much success with getting stuff like this taken. I'd be glad to mail this to someone that can use it. You have to have this postmarked by June 30th. E-mail me at michellehomier at gmail dot com with your mailing address and I'll send it to you.
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