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Suggest a middle name.

So my DH is still in love with the name Gwen.  I have no clue on middle names. Any suggestions.  Thanks

Re: Suggest a middle name.

  • I would pick a middle name that is a little longer since Gwen is so short (unless you are using Gwyneth or Gwendolyn). ie. Gwen Elizabeth

  • Agreed, I'd do a two-syllable middle name. And something starting with a consonant. My $.02 :)
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  • How about Gwen Arabelle?  Gwen is sort of a romantic sounding name, Arabelle would be a nice fit...

  • Gwen Katherine

    Gwen Sophia

    Gwen Eloise

    Gwen Beverly

    Gwen Camille


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  • How about drawing from family names?  Your name, grandmas, etc.


    Gwen Catherine

    Gwen Charlotte

    Gwen Alice


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  • Gwen Amelia, Gwen Abigail, Gwen Sophia, Gwen Lucia, Gwen Amanda, Gwen Annabelle


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