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My confession for the day. I was mean...

We had to get errands done today so we went to the mall.  I was wearing Evie in the ring sling.  So as we're about to leave this group of teenagers walks by, all of them maybe around 14 or 15.  One of the girls whispers (and fails because I have really good hearing) "OMG I know she isn't holding that baby safely wearing that thing" to her friends as they are walking past us.  I turned around and said if she couldn't get better at whispering then she should have the manners to keep her opinions to herself and my baby was fine thank you.  I even managed to throw in calling her "young lady" in there.  I could tell she was mortified and it was probably out of line of me, but I was not in any kind of a good mood and seriously what the hell does a girl that young know about safe baby care and carrying.  I was not in a good mood earlier

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  • Meh. I'm far "meaner" to my students every day- I tell them no and expect them to like, learn. How dare a teacher do such a thing!

    And you're right, she doesn't know a thing about it. My students asked all sorts of questions about me wearing Lily the day I brought her in to meet them. I tried to take it as an opportunity to teach though, and just told them how important it was for young babies to be held and cuddled and touched, and how this allowed me to meet her needs but also get the things I needed to do done. Hopefully, I'll have inspired a future generation of babywearers. ;)

  • Good for you!  I don't think you should feel bad at all!

    I'm always amazed at all the negative comments people get about babywearing!  I've gotten nothing but compliments -- usually from old ladies who tell me they wish they'd had something like I have!  I hope you get nice comments soon!

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  • I actually quite like that as a teenager she was thinking about the safety of your baby and not just making some dumb "teenagery" comment about whether the sling looked cool.

    I mean I know she shouldn't be commenting either way and she's clearly uninformed about slings but she did have your baby's best interests at heart.

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  • I told off a teenage girl in the maternity section of Target once. She was making all kinds of snotty comments about how ugly maternity clothes were & how when she got pregnant she wouldn't get that fat. I was really sensitive about the 50+ pounds I'd gained at that point (hence having to buy more clothes a few weeks before I was due) & I let her have it. 



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  • You weren't mean at all or my sense of meanness is off. I would have said something as well.
  • I don't think that's mean.  Totally appropriate.  I hope that if I'm ever in a similar situation that I can think of something like that to say!
  • omg, this made my day... that was freaking hilarious! you had every right to say something, don't feel bad. its exactly like you said, if you can't be discrete then keep your mouth shut. and don't worry about her being mortified, you taught her a lesson in humility and about not being rude. 

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