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Red legs and potty training.

So I tried to start doing the 3 day potty training method with Rory yesterday and she did ok. She only went through 6 pairs of panties for the whole day (night included). Today she's only gone through 2 pairs but I noticed her legs were getting red and splotchy. When she peed in her panties the second time, she started screaming bloody murder. Her legs were bright red. I put her in the bathtub with luke warm water to let her rinse off and cool her legs. She was acting like they were burning. Have you ever heard of/seen a reaction like that? I'm thinking it's her urine burning her legs. I've put a pull-up on her and stopped with the training for now. Her legs need to heal. I'll try again in a couple of weeks. What would you do?

Re: Red legs and potty training.

  • I would stop until her legs are better. We just had to go back to diapers with DD because she completely regressed and quit cooperating and we were all getting frustrated. We are going to try again in a couple weeks.
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