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I love babywearing

I went with the LO today to Whole Foods and Target.  At Whole Foods, she spent most of the time sucking on the Babyhawk straps.  I had to do a little bit of bouncing to keep the peace but she was patient and let me get through my list.  I even got to discuss my mei tei with another customer! 


Then it was on to Target with a meltdown midway that necessitated pulling off into a strip mall for a little cuddling.  At Target I had to change DD's diaper and thought how much easier it is to change her while I'm wearing her.  I got everything I needed out of the diaper bag and laid down the changing pad with the LO safely in the Babyhawk.  Then I laid her down and changed her diaper and then it was back in the Babyhawk and then I put everything back in the bag.  Easy...easy.  Then I had to take a little pitstop myself and left the LO in the Babyhawk (sorry if TMI and surely I'm not the only one who wears their LO in that situation).  LO didn't have to come in contact with any of the potentially yucky surfaces in the ladies room. 


Honestly I don't know how moms who don't babywear handle going out on errands. 

Re: I love babywearing

  • I definitely agree!  When I first took DS to the store in his car seat, I would have to run around like a mad woman before he had a meltdown.  But now he likes to look around and even sleep in my beco.  So I have plenty of time to shop.  He still is not crazy about the car, so I'm still working on that.  Too bad I can't wear him in the car! 
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  • I loved BW'ing DD during errands.  It was the only way I could do my errands.  If she ever grew tired, she would start to pull my hair.  :)
  • Yup. There are days I wish I could wear my 4yo, b/c then I could get things done much more efficiently! lol

    Today was my first time wearing DD out and about in a back carry though- you'd thought I had 3 heads or something. I think they were just all trying to figure out how I got her up there... if they only knew, they'd really have freaked! hehe!

  • image Another Jennifer:

    and thought how much easier it is to change her while I'm wearing her.   

    For a second I thought you had changed her diaper while she was still in the carrier.  I was going to be seriously impressed!

    I totally agree, though.  I see other moms trying to grocery shop with a LO and wonder how they manage.


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