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I really suck!

I can't get my "moby" to work right. It gets almost right but I don't trust it. It just doesn't feel secure enough for me to just go about my business and I can't figure out where it is supposed to be near her head/neck! EEEK!
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Re: I really suck!

  • Did you watch any of the videos on Youtube?  I found them to be extremely helpful.  Do a search for moby wrap and you'll find several instructional videos.  I think the other key thing is to wrap it really tight before you put your LO in.  It's going to stretch out enough to accommodate him/her.  I think a lot of people assume they need to leave enough room for their LOs when they tie it and then once they put their LO in the wrap it's too loose. 



  • Wrap it really tight, then bounce her in while supporting her head, maybe do a little shoulder wiggle, then turn her head sideways and tuck in into the shoulder "strap", then bounce again. And practice makes perfect.
  • Agreed with the other ladies- tie it tighter than you think you should, then pop her in. And this is one of the better You Tube vidoes that shows how to use it, IMO. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CamfWi0cEU8
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