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home from road trip!

I have the BEST boys EVER!  I took the boys down to visit the IL's down in Florida this past week and due to scheduling conflicts/mishaps I was going down alone with the boys and DH could not come.  8 hours in the car each way with both boys and they were seriously perfect angels!  I was SO dreading this trip with them alone and they must really love me because there was not one bit of crying/screaming!  They even played with each other in the backseat and laughed a lot together.  I will say however as a tip if you're ever doing this kind of trip, don't drink ANYTHING so you won't have to try to fanagle two young children while you go pee.  ick! 

Also, some advice to those of you with young ones.....don't ever introduce childrens music in the car.  At this point I wish we had never played childrens music in the car and kept it strictly to the house so we could have endless road trips without "john jacob jingleheimerschmidt", etc.  Or better yet, if you are to purchase your child childrens music, play it for yourself like 30 times before you decide whether or not you can live with it.  I can live with Raffi on endless replay but not this other VERY annoying CD that is evidently Finn's new favorite.  but hey, it kept him quiet and happy for an 8 hour road trip and I got to listen to my music during their naps!

yay to be home!


Re: home from road trip!

  • That's awesome Heather!  Glad the trip went well and the boys were angels!  Thanks for the tip on the music, lol. 
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  • You are brave!! Glad to have you home and I think we might have that very same annoying cd. This gives me renewed hope in attempting another roadtrip with our kids. We drove to DC over the Christmas break and I am thinking that was a little long for the kids to sit.
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  • Awesome!  Gavin's only car trip has been to Savannah- so not too bad.  He did great going down there, but coming back was a little tougher.  Oh, and I totally agree about the children's music.  We used to listen to Baby Einstein CD's when he was a baby and it would soothe him instantly.  But around the 1 year mark he began grunting if we turned it off.  It took us a while to break him of it, but he doesn't get "his" music in the car anymore.  Now the DVD player... that's a different story.






  • Good point on the kids music.   We don't have any annoying (IMO) kids music.   And lucky for me, Evie likes a lot of popular music, like Feist and KOL.    The other day I was listening to KOL and Evie said, "Make it louder!"  Good girl! 

    We have a piano lullabye CD by Michael Allen Harrison that I could listen to over and over.   And we like Frances England.  But no kids chorus' singing anything in my car.    Ever. 

  • Wow, that's awesome!  Glad you had a great trip!

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  • Welcome back! Glad you had a safe trip home. :-)
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