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Natalie. But...

Natalie is currently our top pick for a girl.  How many little Natalie's do you know running around?  It's in the top 20 nation-wide on the SS list (I think #17), and it's #20 in our state for 2008, but the only "real" Natalie's I know are famous ones.



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Re: Natalie. But...

  • The only ones I "know" are on here. I see lots of little girls named Natalie in sigs on here, but I don't know any young ones personally.
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  • I know one Natalie--she's an adult.
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  • I love it! The only Natalie I know is my sister and she's 25.
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  • I haven't met one IRL.  Love the name.
  • Personally I don't think i've ever met a Natalie IRL. The only one I can think of is Natalie Portman, who I have obviousely never met Yes

  • I know three Natalies but they are all adults. I don't know any children named Natalie.
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    I know one Natalie--she's an adult.



  • I know two teenagers named Natalie. Natalie is on our list (we're down to 2 now!). I know it's getting popular on the Social Sec. website but I don't know any little Natalie's IRL.
  • I know 2, one is an adult and the other is a one year old.  I think it's a very cute name!
  • The youngest Natalie I know is 19.
  • The only Natalie I know is in her 20s.
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  • I know a teen Natalie, a 3rd grade Natalie and one just born.  I don't think it's too popular.  I think it's a great, underused name!
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  • The only other Natalie I know, besides myself, is one of my best friends who is a day younger than me. I don't know any little Natalie's and I personally love the name.
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  • Two.. One is 4 and the other is 10.

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  • Friends of ours named their daughter Natalie and she's now 9 months and I had an employee by that name, she's about 20.  But of course I'm in CA and your paths will probably never cross.
  • just my grandmother :) i l-o-v-e this name, but dh vetoed it!
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  • i only know one girl name Natalie and she's an adult.
  • I know a 4 year old named Natalie and my friend's sister just had a baby 2 weeks ago and named her Natalie.

  • It's very popular in the distirct where I work.  Probably one of the top names.


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  • My DD is Natalie, and I almost didn't pick it for her cuz of the popularity.  But the only Natalies I know are adults.  I've only met one other Natalie that is around my DD's age.  And then another bumpie on here.
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  • Nice classic name. Only know one IRL.
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  • I know of 1 little Natalie. She's a twin and her brother is Benjamin. I know a bunch my age (mid 20s). I love the name Natalie!
  • The only Natalie I know IRL is an adult. She is beautiful, kind, and intelligent. Its a great association for me.
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  • My cousin just named her baby this.  I love the name, it's beautiful!

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  • I know two little girls named Natalie.
  • I knew of three that were born within 6 months of each other...(one was one of the previousposters...hehe!) cute name!!

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  • i know two.  both are about 6 years old, if that helps.  i think you should go with it.  17 and 20 aren't THAT popular....

  • My niece is a Natalie.  When SIL picked it I thought she was picking a name that was kind of "outdated" in my mind.  I couldn't believe when I started looking at girl names and saw how high it is.  
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