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Thank you note question

My work shower was yesterday.  I received several gifts that were individually wrapped, but all from "the office".  How would you word the thank you note?  Would you list all of the gifts seperately or say something else?


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Re: Thank you note question

  • I think you could either write one note to "The Office" and put it somewhere everyone could see it and give individual thank yous to the people you know threw the shower. could write a separate note to everyone who was there and thank them for their "generous gifts" and for being there to celebrate with you.  The only thing is you might want to check with whoever threw the party if anyone who wasn't there chipped in so you didn't leave them out.

    I would personally go for the latter, it's more personal.

  • People who have had baby showers at work sent an e-mail to the entire office thanking them for the shower and great gifts.  She also gave individual thank you notes to the people that were there/gave gifts.
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