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Missing temp affecting O date?

Morning ladies,

The other day I posted asking for people's thoughts on my chart - everyone said that they didn't think I had O'd yet.  However....I was missing a temperature from CD26 due to being sick that day and not getting a temp in the AM.
This morning I decided to input a temp just for the heck of it to see what happened - I played around and entered a few different temps.  With all that I entered, it then told me I did in fact O.
Now I am not sure if I should trust it or not.....anyone ever have a similar experience?
TIA for any thoughts!!

Re: Missing temp affecting O date?

  • I still don't think you've ovulated.  yes, your temp went up briefly, but it came right back down to your pre-"o" temps.
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  • I think I agree with gym.  Have you thought about recording your CM?  That would make it easier for FF to pinpoint O.
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  • I'm no expert but I have to agree with the other girls- I don't think it's happened yet...
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  • I would have to agree with Gym too. One more temp below your coverline, and FF would most likely take the CHs away. I would keep temping for a few more days and see what happens.

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  • Never put in imaginary temps. You have no idea what your temp was that day.

    Like the others, I don't think you have O'd yet. Having another sign in your chart, be it CM or OPKs would do a lot to help FF in pin pointing ovulation for you.

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