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Really need nap help ladies....

He falls asleep fine at night and wakes up once to feed and goes right back down. We were co-sleeping, I have worn him, rocked him and let him sleep on me. The past week or so he has been fighting every single nap. He is just too busy to sleep. I try to set the nap mood and have tried everything to get him to nap. He won't lay next to me, he won't let me hold him, he won't let me leave him alone and he won't fall asleep on his own. He has been vocally fussing (not crying) for well over an hour now.....what am I missing? We were at the pedi yesterday and he said he was not teething. I did not ask him for nap help as I know what his answer would be. I don't know how else to help him fall asleep.

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Re: Really need nap help ladies....

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     He is just too busy to sleep.

    This statement sticks out at me. 

    DS recently learned to crawl and he's on the verge of cruising and he LOVES to be held to stand.  The other night he woke up 90 minutes after I put him down for bed and did NOT want to go back to sleep.  He just wanted to crawl all over me, sit up in his crib, etc.  I finally put him in the pikkolo on my back and went about my chores.  30 minutes later he was passed out.  So now, if I can't get him to go to sleep when he needs to, he goes on my back.  I'm hoping once crawling becomes less of a novelty we can go back to a more normal routine.  :-)

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  • It will pass. It will happen off and on as he develops. Just keep trying to stick to the routine but if he needs extra naps or earlier naps, then let him sleep whenever. Mine just started crawling over a week ago and was teething so bad. he just now got back to a routine. 
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  • We started having a ton of nap fighting around the 6.5-7 month mark & it turned out Ari was ready to drop down to 2 naps. I thought it was just milestones & being busy at first, and after a couple of days we just quit fighting him. It's exhausting. 

    Anyway, he kept his morning nap at the same time, but started staying up a bit longer before his 2nd nap & totally dropped the 3rd. In some ways it sucks, b/c I get off work around 3:30-4 & used to take that 3rd short nap with him, but he's a champion napper now & used to be a terrible napper.

    I'd take a couple of days & watch his cues very closely. Ari would appear a little tired around usual nap time but not as much as before. If he fights really bad or for more than 10-15 minutes, just try again in 30 minutes. If he doesn't want to sleep, he's not going to, or he'll just be up again in a few minutes. He may be just busy, he may be ready to switch up his schedule.  

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  • Thank you ladies!
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