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4 months old!

My little monkey is 1/3 rd year old today!We had her 4 month check up this morning and she is 13 lbs 5 oz (51%) and 24 3/4" (68%).  Doc said you'd never know she was so small when she was born (5lb 15 oz at birth).  He also said we can start solids if we want, so we're going to pick up some rice cereal this weekend.  I asked him for advice about STTN and he said at her age he wouldn't expect her to (since she's a BF baby).  He said she's been growing so much that she needs to get up and eat and not to deny her.  He said the cereal may help a bit.  She got two shots and cried just a few seconds.  I'm working from home today - she's been pretty good.  Sleeping a lot.  And pooping a lot.



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  • yay for healthy baby!!! i forgot what a lil peanut she was at birth. we need new siggy pic of her-cuteness.

  • My how time flies!!!

    Happy 4 months sweetie pie!!

  • Aww.. poor Laney with the shots. But way to go, Mama, keeping her well fed and thriving!

    And, yeah, new pics please!


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  • Oooh, I want to see her new pictures!  :)

    Yay for healthy! 

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  • Yay Laney!  Way to grow big and strong!
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  • AWWWWW! Happy 4 months! Congrats on a great appt!

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  • Way to go, Laney! And, way to go, Mommy. You're giving her exactly what she needs to be a happy, healthy, thriving young lady.

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  • Happy birthday Delaney!!! Cake
  • What a good little Delaney!
  • What a brave little girl facing those shots!
  • Way to go mama for keeping little Miss D so healthy and happy!  and Happy, Happy Birthday Miss D!  good luck with the cereal and post new pics!  :o)
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  • Wow!! Good job! Double her birth weight - that's great! The time goes so fast...
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  • Glad to hear that Laney is thriving and did so well with her shots.  I really can't believe it has been four months though.  wow - pretty soon we're going to have a bunch of bona fide toddlers around here!
  • All of your baby pics are so cute!  Congrats on 4 months!
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