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high altitude issues?

We are taking dd to CO next month. Altitude 9,000ft. Has anyone traveled that high with their preemie? I've called the pedi but havent heard back yet. She hasnt had any breathing issues since coming off the oxygen less than a year ago but it still makes me nervous with her immature lungs.
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Re: high altitude issues?

  • well we live here and don't have any issues ;) 
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  • my daughter was still on oxygen when we went to taos, nm in early january. she went from needing 1/32 liter to needing about 1/2 liter at 12k feet. (of course, she's a bpd kid.)

    we just got back (today!) from a trip to georgia, we flew there and back this past week. planes are pressurized at about 8k ft.. and she had no problems. (she's been totally off oxygen since the beginning of feb.)

    i'd say that you're probably fine- but always good to check with the pulm or at least the ped. the pulm told us we'd keep an oxygen Rx around for about a year just in case she gets sick or something.. but wouldn't need it other than that.

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