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henry update/[/'/

we just got back from the doc. she said henry almost definitely had a febrile seizure and that's why he was so upset for so long. it also would've contributed to him being floppy and almost non-responsive and throwing up after he calmed down. UGH. poor thing Sad

anyway, i know febrile seizures are technically no big deal, i had them when i was a kid, but it's so scary to see your child not responding to you when you know they're awake.

 his fever is back, so we'll be motrin-ing afternoon and nighttime. she said probably H1N1, and they sent out a test to the lab. the rapid came back negative, but so did henry's buddy's (his exposure). we're also starting tamiflu.k


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  • henry helped me submit that. sorry for the small amount of extraneous punctuation in the title Embarrassed
  • Poor guy.  I can't imagine how scary that was.
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  • i almost said the thing about the seizure this morning when u posted but considering i dont have a medical background didnt want to assume something like that and scare u. thats a bummer that he might have h1n1 esp. consideriing your neighbor knowingly let her son around henry...i hope the tamiflu helps and he gets better soon!! hugs to mommy and henry
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  • How scary for you / DH to see that last night though!  I hope Henry starts feeling better soon.

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  • OH no. That's awful. :( That actually crossed my mind last night (the febrile seizure). I hope he gets better soon and kicks the flu fast!!
  • unfortunately, it went through my mind too, but not until this morning. last night i had no idea. i knew he was predisposed to get them, so i don't know why i didn't think of it last night. poor guy.
  • Poor little guy, hope he feels better soon!
  • Poor Henry and pooooor mommy!  I hope you can get some rest tonight, but I'm sure you'll probably be checking on him every other minute (I've been there recently!)  Maybe you can try to get some sleep while your DH is still up and checking on him.

    Good luck and I hope he feels better soon! 

  • oh mercy - so sorry to hear that.

    I nearly mentioned in the earlier post about the chance of it being a febrile seizure but didn't want to worry you needlessly since you were already headed to the dr today.

    Hopefully the meds will keep his fever lowered this evening. You can alternate Tylenol and Motrin for fuller coverage.

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  • yuck, hope he feels better soon!!!!

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  • Poor little man! That must have been terrifying for you, I hope he's feeling better soon!!
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  • You poor thing - Will had a febrile seizure at 15 months and I've never been so scared in my life because I had no idea what it was.  Totally relate there.

    Hope Henry is on the mend quickly!   It sucks to feel so helpless :(

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  • How scary!  Glad he is okay, and I hope he is feeling better soon!
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  • Oh gosh! I hope he's feeling better soon!

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