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NBR: Lets talk skin care...

So I have stopped taking care of myself for some time because i have had some health issues and hard pregnancies for the past two and a half years.  I'm feeling better now and want to try to take care of my skin better as i'm now 38yrs old.

I used to use Mary Kay in my twenties and early thirties. I stopped 4 years ago due to financial reasons and just plain used whatever was cheap or on sale.           We are on a one income again as I lost myjob 5 months ago so I just been using ponds moisturizing cream at night and in the morning just been using oil of olay senstive facial wash.                  My skin is more dry but a bit of oily in the forhead area from time to time.   I think it happens mostly when I use a cheapy eyebrow pencil to fill in my eyebrows. ( but not sure)  I also have sensitive skin.

So what skincare products do you use, that are appropriate for our age. What have you used that has given you results on wrinkles and skin texture?        Do you do your own facials at home, if so wwith what and how?         I have never done a facial in my life.         


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  • In my 20s I used every expensive product out there, and now I use Cetaphil and my skin looks better than it ever did.  I haven't done much on the wrinkle front as of yet.
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  • Dry skin tends to be very sensitive because it is hard to properly hydrate it. The very basic routine would be to cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day. You will want to choose a cleanser and toner specifically made for dry skin and it should include humectants so that it will hydrate while it cleanses. Look for ingredients like hylauronic acid or sodium hylaurante. Look for a dry skin moisturizer with similar ingredients that also has a sunscreen and preferably a wrinkle reducer (not saying that you have wrinkles, but I know that dry skin looks like it is wrinkled even when it's not). If you want to use a drug store brand, I would stick with either the Oil of Olay line or the Neutrogena line because their parent companies make the department store brands as well and the chemistry in the products is good. In a mid-range price, I would look at either the Merle Norman line or BeautiControl. Both are exceptional products. There is really no reason to go over a mid-range priced product. The chemistry on them is as good as the chemistry in the more expensive products - you just spend less.

     PM me if you have more specific questions.

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