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Back from Florida!

Went from a condo overlooking the beach to a snowstorm...gotta love it!

We had a great time. Fiona was excellent on the plane. Thanks for all the tips on flying with baby.

 My husband and I upgraded to first class on the way down ($99 extra on Continental - last minute special)  and on the way home I had a row to myself in economy class, so I laid Fiona down for the 2 hour flight and she slept most of the time. My husband is driving his parents car back for them, so I'm on my own with the baby for the next couple of days.

We took Fiona to the Tampa Aquarium and she loved the Stingrays. All in all it was a nice getaway. The weather was sunny, but not as warm as I would've like. It's good to be home though.

Time to catch up on the posts!!

Re: Back from Florida!

  • Princess Fiona is so pretty!  Glad you are back and had a nice time.
  • Welcome back. Great news that Fiona was such a good traveler.

    Right now I'm listening to 50mph wind gusts thrashing trashcans around the neighborhood.

    Oh what I would do for a sunny Florida vacation......


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  • Fiona's gorgeous! She has the longest eye lashes this side of my Mikey.
  • Wow - you were in my neck of the woods!  Yeah, we haven't been having the wonderful warm weather we're famous for...I'm over winter as well.

  • Glad the trip and travel went well. Welcome back!!!
  • Sounds like a good trip :)
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  • Yeah, sorry about the weather, we have been chily this year.  But so glad you and your family had a nice time down here ....   :o)
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  • Welcome back!  I'm glad you had a good trip!
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