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Aiden home next week?!!

Spoke to Aiden's doctor last night and she is giving him through the weekend to gain a little more weight. Monday he goes into an open crib and starts his tests required before discharge!!!! She expects to discharge him by the end of next week! OMG hyperventilating. He weighs just over 4 pounds now and is coming home on oxygen but who cares! Please please please let this happen just like the doctor says and NO more setbacks!

Now I feel totally unpreprared and I have already convinced myself I need an angelcare monitor so that I will be able to sleep at all.

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Re: Aiden home next week?!!

  • so exciting.  This will be the longest week ever!
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  • say goodbye to sleep - you'll be too excited for Aiden to be @ home.  ::fingers crossed::


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  • Such good news! He's adorable - what an expression on his face in your siggy!
  • That's awesome!! YAY !
  • Oh that's great news. I hope you get your little guy home soon. Keep us posted.



  • Thats AWESOME!!! Its such a great feeling to know that the NICU Stay end is in sight!

    I was not ready for Caleb to come home and was rushing around for the week before he came home too. I made countless trips to Target and BRU, and still making a trip here and there for things. 

    Keep us posted and Good Luck!

  • Yay, that's wonderful :)  Congratulations!
  • Yeah, congrats!  Almost there!

    I was exactly the same way.  Every day I prayed I'd be able to bring him home "tomorrow" and then when they gave me the actual date I started freaking out thinking I wasn't ready, lol!  And I also convinced myself I needed the Angel Care Monitor - and we got it and I have to say I think it was worth every penny!  It went off the first night he was home and then a couple more times within the first month... then not again until he got a cold and was stuffy and now it's been over a month with no alarms!!!  ...sorry kind of rambled there, but my point is that I really do think it works, and if nothing else it gave me peace of mind to be able to sleep myself!

  • Keeping fingers and toes crossed for next week :+)
  • Woo hoo! How exciting!
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  • Awww thats good news!  I've been following Aiden's story.  I'm so happy that things are progressing and they are hopeful he can come home so soon.  If I were you, I would get the Angelcare pad!  Totally worth the money for the piece of mind! 
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