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Obsessed with Layla Grace

Mere posted the link to her blog below - www.laylagrace.org. My heart just breaks for this family and I feel horrible for them. She updates throughout the day and I feel like an intruder checking the site for updates when this is such a private and difficult situation for them. But I can't help it. I am so thankful that while we may not have everything we want, we certainly have everything that we need and that we have been fortunate to not have to go through the health struggles that so many families deal with every day. John has certainly gotten extra hugs this week!

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Re: Obsessed with Layla Grace

  • are there any updates on twitter?  i can't see twitter at work.

    my heart breaks for them.

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  • I'm trying to hold back my tears looking at their family photos.  How heart breaking!  I can't even imagine.
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  • I looked at their website yesterday at work.  Thankfully no one was here b/c I was bawling, literally the ugly cry.  My heart breaks a thousand times over for them. 

    I sat and held DS last night just praying over him and for the healing of Layla, Daniel, and Maddie.   I'm glad DS is not at the age yet that he wonders why his mom was crying while rocking him to sleep. 

    "Christmas 2011"

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  • I haven't looked at it yet but just glanced and I can't even look at it today, I'm sure I'll start bawling.  Just barely looking at the photos breaks my heart.  :(

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    My Sweet Girls

  • I know - I check it everytime I get on my computer. ;-(
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  • Holy cow that is so sad! Look at how she couldn't even smile, and she kept laying her head on her Daddy. How sad!!! The pictures of her looking up at her Daddy are amazing though!!!!! I just can't imagine their pain!

    Katie, Duke Gardens, 6months


    Zach, Duke Gardens, 6months


    Photo courtesy from the amazing Ever You Photography!

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